Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We've talked before about my second favorite parking garage restaurant. Rice-n-roll is the #1 favorite. Best place! Parking garage food doesn't get much better.

rice-n-roll salmon teriyaki bento lunch
Salmon teriyaki bento lunch. a bunch of stuff for ~$8

It's got my two favorite things: cheap and tasty. And healthy. Which is three things, but who's counting? You can order individual rolls and stuff, but I usually go for the bento. You get to choose one of three or four main dishes and one of three or four sushi rolls. They all come with edamame and miso soup.

The salmon is an extra buck. You can get a bento for about seven dollars. I will not complain. See, this is me being happy about that.

Rice-n-Roll spicy tuna sushi roll
Spicy Tuna roll. it's not top notch, but I think tasty

Full disclosure time. Not everybody likes it. There's at least one person in the office who claims to have had a bad experience. Resulting stomach trouble was implied. I, myself, have had no problems.

I have to admit, it's questionable if RnR should be considered parking garage food or not. The building that houses it is an office building, not a dedicated parking structure. But if you look closely, the only entrance is in the parking garage. I think it counts.

Rice-n-Roll Exterior
That entrance was designed for cars, not people

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[where: 214 Madison St, Seattle, WA 98104]

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