Thursday, July 24, 2008

spendy spendy (Collins Pub and Shiki)

If all you have is a ten spot, you won't like this post very much. Collins Pub and Shiki are both quite nice, but neither are really ce places. Collins is closer, in the low $$. But Shiki is all the way up in the $$$. They're the only places I've been this week, though, so they'll have to do. Since neither really count, I'm rolling them up in to one post.

I promise I'll get you some cheap eats next week, or maybe I'll tell you about my obsession with japanese curry paste. What do you say?

My trip to Collins was impromptu; I didn't have my camera, so no pictures. My eloquence will have to suffice. I get sammich. It fish. It good!

*cough* Sorry, I mean, I had the ahi tuna sandwich with mustard aioli. The tuna was seared on the outside, and was still beautifully pink in the middle. I was a nice thick cut of fish. I was pleased. The fries were tasty. It was $13, list.

[where: 526 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104]
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Now lets switch over to some really good sushi. At Shiki in LQA. There's not much bad I can say about Shiki. Some days the need for quality can trump the need for quantity, even for my cheap ass. For days like that, there's Shiki.

shiki sushi restaurant

If I have any complaints, it's that the cream cheese in the washington roll sort of overpowered the fish. And the same can be said for the fried crab in the spider roll. Of course, I sort of blame myself for ordering american sushi. What a rube.

shiki sushi
blurry sushi

Anyway, the place is right around the corner from me. The hard part now is going to be to prevent myself from blowing my quarterly bonus on fugu and sapporo.

[where: 4 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119]
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santos. said...

i want to try making my own japanese curry paste one day. i heard there's some nasty transfatty fat-like substance in with the roux (not that i really care...but um, maybe i do?), so maybe i can come up with something similar and identifiable. i don't actually know what the spices are.

leff said...

Well, if you ever figure it out, let me know. Because I don't know about the transfats, but I do know some curry pastes are unpleasant in other ways.

There was one brand that made the back of my brain feel like it was being squished under a brick. I'd like to avoid that feeling in future :)

santos. said...

ooh. ick. you need to do that japanese curry paste post, post haste! (it's a wonder that 'post haste' hasn't become more popular in the blogging world, you'd think it would be some sort of blogspeak by now)

leff said...

Will do. I just have to dig out all the pictures (it's been a long time coming, this post).

leff said...

as promised