Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant

I saw Hing Loon Seafood on msg150 a while back, and thought it looked good. So I went, and it was. The shocking thing is that I did this weeks ago and am just now getting around to telling you about it.

Better late than never.

Hing Loon is a solid, down to earth, borderline $$ Chinese restaurant. They do more than just seafood, but when a restaurant puts an ingredient in it's name it's a good bet that it's their specialty. So seafood it was!

Hing Loon five fish stew
Fish hot pot with tofu and mushrooms. Everything that I love.

The fish hot pot was great. The fish came in the form of dense doughy balls. There were a couple different kinds, both tasty. Over all it was pretty mild and it glistened with corn starch.

Hing Loon Kung Pao Prawns
Kung Pao Prawns. Shrimpy goodness.

The Kung Pao was pretty standard, but it had prawns! And, as a bonus, they were not overcooked and were, in fact, very tasty.

Hing Loon Seafod Restaurant
The outside

Urbanspoon says it's $$. You can probably keep it under $ if you skip the seafood and go for the cheaper ingredients, like chicken. It's probably still good.

[where: 628 S Weller St., Seattle, WA, 98104]
Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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