Saturday, April 26, 2008

El Sabor De Oaxaca

Good, inexpensive, home made Mexican. My coworker, CG, has spent time in Oaxaca and vouches for the authenticity of El Sabor De Oaxaca, though they do have some americanized stuff too (veggie taco salad anyone?).

I've been there several times now. It's always good. Portions are reasonable but not huge. Nothing will set you back more than $10. Over all a good lunch place on week days.

The last time I was there they were pushing their Burien location really hard. I don't make it down there very often, or... ever. But the way the counter lady described it I think I want to go. Fresh hand made tortillas and everything even more authentic. CG says they use rosted grasshoppers as condiments in Oaxaca. I wonder if they do in Burian.

Sorry, no pictures this time.

[where: 217 James Street, Seattle, WA 98104-2211] [map]
El Sabor De Oaxaca in Seattle