Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On skipping the bite (and going to metro market)

The Bite of Seattle was this weekend. I live about a tenth of a mile away. It seems like, as a food blogger, I'd go. I didn't. Sorry. Carnival crowds make me stabby.

So instead I stopped off at Larry's, by which of course I mean the LQA Metropolitan Market (link may be busted), for some pre-prepared goodness. I have to admit to a certain fondness for Metro's deli. It's not as good as Larry's was, but what can you do? Despite the fact that it's stupid expensive, I go there all the time.

Ok, it's not really that expensive. But it is as expensive as eating out. They have some pretty healthy stuff though. Other than maybe sushi, there's not much in LQA that is better for you than these salads and they're under 10 dollars.

They really are pretty tasty too. So are the sandwiches, chicken bits, and the pasta with garlic aioli is to die for... I tell a lie, my life is worth more than pasta, liberally coated in rich, creamy sauce; so dense and filling; bursting with flavor... No, I would die for it, which can be easily achived by eating it every day (it's very rich). It'd be a pretty good way to go.

Oh, and their soups are good. And they have these little sample cheeses some times so you can try the really fancy stuff for cheap.

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