Monday, July 14, 2008

Top Pot on 5th

Everyone loves Top Pot. Now it's my turn to sing its praises.

It's not just the doughnuts, though those tend to be very good. I like the lemon bismark. Can you tell? It's not just the coffee, which I also like a lot and is perfect for dipping. It's the place itself.

Top pot has a certain aesthetic, which it applies at all its stores. It's always nice. But it fits perfectly in the location on 5th in Bell Town. It's a perfect place to have a sit down while you're out on a downtown walk-about.

A few more photos for the curious.

Top Pot Doughnuts (Belltown) on Urbanspoon


Chris said...

My favorite is the chocolate coconut boa doughnut. Perfect with a coffee and maybe a maple old fashioned doughnut as well. I have a hard time leaving there with less than 6 doughnuts.

leff said...

Oh. Then today is your big day! They're having a doughnut eating contest at 2pm today.

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