Sunday, July 26, 2009

Myhre's Restaurant

After one visit, I'm very enthusiastic about Myhre's Restaurant. I can't help it, I love authentic diners, and Myhre's is the oldest working restaurant in Kitsap county. At least according to the waitress.

I know you're hungry, so we'll get right to the food. It's exactly what you'd expect from an old diner. Exactly. For instance, in the chicken sandwich the chicken is deep fried. Also, the side of fries is bigger than the sandwich.

French fries (and chicken sandwich)
French Fries. Oh, and a chicken sandwich

I have to say, that chicken sandwich seemed slightly small. But the quality was higher than I expected. It evened out. I came away perfectly satisfied.

Another for instance: Rakka said this potato salad was just like her grandma used to make. No faint praise there. It has big chunks of egg.

potato salad and tuna salad sandwich
Potato Salad... and a tuna sandwich

The tuna had noticeable chunks of pickles. As if to prove conclusively the dinerism of the establishment, they were the same pickles as the ones next to the sandwich.

It takes more than food, however, to make a really dinery diner. The Cafe has an attached Terrace Room, and a skinny bar sandwiched in between. Nothing says diner like attached bar. Nothing says sixties makeover like attached 'Terrace Room'. Unfortunately it wasn't open at noon on Saturday.

myhre's Restaurant and Terrace Room
Terrace Room

Ok, here's a little more of the interior. Note the country flavor. Do you not love this place?

Cocktails, rest room
Cocktails, rest room

I do (love it). Reasonable food at reasonable prices in a real diner. What more could you ask for? How about I throw in at least one boat ride to get you there, which will be the easiest transport (unless you live in port orchard).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Samudra Coffee and Yoga

Samudra Coffee and Yoga is literally right over my back fence. They're good neighbors to have, because they make wonderful baked goods and fantastic cold brewed toddy coffee. I haven't tried the yoga yet.

toddy coffee
toddy coffee

Toddy coffee is the hot [don't you mean cold? -Ed] new thing. I can see why. When they mix a bit with ice and water it has a very subtle, almost tea like, flavor, with no bitterness. I can't get enough.

The baked goods are awesome too. I really liked my cranberry-orange scone. I tried Rakka's berry bar; the flavor was intense. Everything is baked on site, so it's super fresh.

Scone and Berry Bar

The blondie was as good as it looks.


Samudra is in a location that has a rep for short lived businesses, but I want it to last. So please, I beg you, go there, try one of everything.