Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rolls n Sushi

Still playing catch-up after a busy week, I have another slightly out of the esculents price range place for you, Rolls n Sushi. It's in the marion food court downtown (the same place as yo berry).

It's reportedly not the best sushi in the area, with nearby Imo being the winner. I don't know that I agree, but I've only been to Imo when I'm drunk, so who knows. RnS is certainly faster.

Rolls n Sushi, Spicy Salmon and Boston Roll
Rolls n Sushi

It's pretty good for lunch, but a little pricy. The above set me back $13. It's a lot of food though. Unlike my recent visit to cafe paloma, this sushi left me stuffed silly. I chose to get two rolls; I was pretty hungry. On a normal day I could probably get by for about $10.

Rolls n Sushi, Spicy Salmon
spicy salmon

The spicy salmon was actually spicy. I was surprised, in a good way. It's refreshing to ask for spicy and then get it. Seattle is a pretty mild town.

Rolls n Sushi, Boston Roll (salmon and crab)
boston roll

The boston roll was pretty good too. But, being relatively cheap sushi, the salmon wasn't super flavorful, so the crab almost over powered it. Still, there's other stuff that might be better balanced. The Mexican and the Hawiian sound good.

[where:823 3rd Ave. #101, Seattle, WA, 98104]
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