Wednesday, August 27, 2008

speedi meals!

You might think it, but this is not going to become a Uwajimaya blog. I promise. But there's just so much fun stuff there. The Laws of Chance prove that two Uwajimaya finds are going to come up in a week sometimes. Maybe. I don't know. My stats professor wasn't very good.

So check it out. Fried rice noodles in a box. It's about two dollars, and it takes two minutes to nuke. I think that makes it a twofer. Does that make this twofer tuesday? [dude, it's Wednesday. -ed] Can we all agree to never use the word 'twofer' again? Ok, good.

Fried Rice Noodles from Speedi Meals
Fried Rice Noodles in a box

What we're talking about here is some major convenience food. It comes in a pouch, in a box. You take it out, stick it in a bowl, and nuke it for 2 minutes. Then, as you can see, you cover it in hot pepper sauce to cover the flavor. The smell is reminiscent of canned dog food.

Fried Rice Noodles, prepared Speedi Meal from UTCF
Fried Rice Noodles in a bowl

But you know me. A slight dog-food smell is not enough to dissuade me from dropping some science. And by science I mean I tried another flavor. It's not exactly science. More sort of... obstinance. Obstiscience then? But it did mean I hit on the good flavor: Cantonese Glutinous Fried Rice.

Cantonese Glutinous Fried Rice Speedi Meals from UTCF
Cantonese Glutinous Fried Rice in a box

I actually liked this one. I'd get it again. It's much less dog-foody. Ricey. Gluteny. Fake meaty (also gluteny). What more could you want?

Cantonese Glutinous Fried Rice, prepared, from Speedi Meals
Cantonese Glutinous Fried Rice in a bowl

And there are are some mushrooms or something. I think I need to keep some of these on hand. You never know when you're going to be trapped in your apartment with no rice.

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