Thursday, August 7, 2008

Juicy Sandwiches and Surly Waitresses at Grand Central

Look, I know it says 12oz on the menu. You know what a tall is. There's no reason to get snippy. It's not like the coffee is something to write home about anyway (unless you enjoy talking about bland coffee. Which apparently I do).

Chicken Salad Sandwich at Grand Central Baking Co.
the chicken salad was juicy

But enough complaining. Now to the good at Grand Central Bakery. The sandwiches. They were good (see, I told we'd be getting to the good stuff soon). One of our party got the soup, just as an excuse to get a whole baguette to go with it. The bread, you see, is also very good. It's their specialty; they're a bakery.

Sandwiches at Grand Central Baking Co.
turkey curry, turkey, and chicken salad (clockwise from top left)

Ok, so bread: good. sandwiches: good. coffee: bland. waitstaff: surly. What else? pickles? Ok, they were very crisp. We all agreed that you can't get pickles this crisp in the supermarket, but maybe you could at a farmers market. Exciting, isn't it?

Interior, Grand Central Baking Co.

And that about sums it up. It also closes out the 1 day Portland trip. Back to Seattle next time. Next up: Grand Central Bakery (not really, but apparently I went all the way to Portland to try a place that is also two blocks from my office. hooray me).

[where: 2230 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, 97214]
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superpuppy said...

I work across the street from the Grand Central Bakery in Seattle (the Pioneer Square location). The waitstaff there is very friendly but the wait is long at lunch time for sandwiches and salads that they don't have premade.

leff said...

I have a pretty flexible lunch hour. I'll hit them up really early or really late. Or get pre-made.

Speaking of which, is the pre-made as good as the fresh?