Sunday, August 24, 2008

royale with cheese

royale with cheese
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Cakespy Jessie, and cakespy cuppie both had birthdays this month. (you have been reading cakespy, right? If not, get over there right now!) So Cupcake Royale introduced a new cupcake for her, the Royale with Cheese. I can't think of anything more appropriate.

I need to say this one more time, just so everybody hears it: Happy Birthday Jessie and Cuppie!

Now, a word about sweet cuppin cakes:

The cupcake is pretty tasty, but it's coconuty, which has never been on my list of favorite flavors. Just, you know, a personal preference. The Skagit Valley Strawberry (pictured at the back) tastes exactly like strawberry ice cream. Like, exactly. It was uncanny. Uncanny good!

I have to say, before you go rushing out to the cupcake store with a fist full of dollars, that the cake at CR seems dry and lifeless these days. If you're an icing person, this mayn't be a problem. If you're a moist cake fancier, like me, you might be just a little let down.

[where: 2052 NW Market Street, seattle, wa, 98107]
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