Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 Spot's Oregon Breakfasts

It's taken a couple of visits, but I've finally sampled all of the Oregon Breakfasts at the 5 Spot. It's hard work, I know, but I do it for science. And I do it for you, dear reader.

Hazelnut Pear French Toast at the 5 Spot
Hazelnut Pear French Toast

For simplicities sake, I'm going to assume you know something about chow restaurants and how the 5 Spot in particular has seasonal menu's based on a theme. What you may not know (but you're probably guessing by now. you're smart like that) is that the current theme is Oregon.

Willamette Farms Three Cheese Frittata at the 5 Spot
Willamette Farms Three Cheese Frittata

We've all done the road trip down the coast right? Stopped off in Tillamook for some cheese? Of course we have. So of course we would expect some cheese on the menu. The menu delivers (but 5 Spot doesn't. I think Seattle has a law against any food other than pizza being delivered. But that's another post).

Tillamook Fields Scramble at the 5 Spot
Tillamook Fields Scramble

I won't bother detailing each dish. It would probably just bore you. Suffice it to say, the food is great, high quality ingredients, yadda yadda yadda. It's all good. The staff is friendly (and cute) and they can keep up with a full restaurant.

Pancakes at the 5 Spot
Huge, massive pancakes

Not sure when Oregon is over, so get yourself to the top of Queen Anne. If you go in the morning, don't take a lot of friends and you'll get a table faster.

[where: 1502 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109]
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