Saturday, August 23, 2008

breakfast at the Athina Grill

The Athina Grill is now open for business, and breakfast. Rakka and I stopped in this morning to check it out.

Athina Grill, on Queen Anne Ave
Right in the middle of everything

It was a good call, I think. I like the place. The food is good and cheap at the same time. Really, it seems more of a diner than a grill. But that's cool; who doesn't love a diner?

Athina Grill Coffee
Did you know? Diners originated in Greece. 100% fact!

The coffee, for instance, is very much diner style. And it goes incredibly well with the Banana & Nutella crepes. Have I mentioned those yet? They're awesome.

Banana & Nutella Crepes at Athina Grill
Banana & Nutella Crepes, like starting the day off with dessert

But it's Rakka that has the sweet tooth. I'm all up ons the savory dishes, like the Greek Scrambler. Eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, with some feta cheese on top. Now that's a breakfast. Especially when it comes with home fries, and the most traditional of all Greek toasts: sourdough.

Greek Scrambler at Athina Grill
Greek Scrambler, greek flavored diner meal

The inside of the place is nice too. It's bright and cheery. The slanted clock is a delightfully pragmatic solution to some weird architecture.

Interior of the Athina Grill

To top it all off, all the sandwiches can be had with fries. Falafel and fries! That's almost as awesome as the Indian/American place I used to go to in Baltimore (nothing tops curry and fries). They also have Halibut and Chips on the menu, which seems more English, but who's counting?

I expect I'll have to go back and try some of these things. Just, you know, to satisfy your curiosity. Oh, the hardships I endure for you, my readers. ;)

[where: 528 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109]
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santos. said...

i looooooove falafel and fries.

do you think they'd do you a chip butty? it's an after pubcrawl staple of two slices of white bread slathered in butter, sandwiching a mess o' french fries. aaaaaieeeeee!

leff said...

There was a place in new orleans that made a french fry po-boy. Much the same idea, but on a hoagie roll.

I don't know if Athina would do it, but there's a diner right next door that would.

And by some strange twist in space time I seem to not have blogged about cafe mecca yet. Something I'll have to soon remedy.