Thursday, May 29, 2008

Melena's Taco Shop (uqa)

Hungry? On top of Queen Anne Hill? Have a pocket full of real paper money? Melena's Taco Shop is the place for you.

Melena's Taco Shop sign
Malena has a taco shop

It's totally a hole in the wall, which as we all know, is an asset. The whole place is about the size of a closet. They manage to fit six tables and a lunch counter in there. It's a bit like tetris to get in yourself in, get through the ordering line and then get seated. That's half the fun. The conversations tend to be like "Oh, I'm sorry. Oops. pardon me. Oh, I'm just ... headed there. Ah, thanks."

Melena's Taco Shop chips and salsa
Of course you can have some chips and salsa

The food's good, but there's a strange mix of homemade and purchased components. The chips are obviously out of a bag; the cheese appears factory shredded; the salsa is seems like it's made there. The salsa, by the way, is very tasty. It's thin, pulpy and spicy and I like it a lot.

My lunch companion had Tacos. The taco shells get fried right before they're served. Fresh is awesome! Also, that guacamole was fantastic (I swiped a taste, for science. you know how I do).

Melena's Taco Shop - chicken tacos
Tacos are in the name for a reason. they're the business.

I had tamales. They're ok. Not the best. I'd get them again, but not next time, if you know what I mean. I want to try some of those tacos.

Melena's Taco Shop - chicken tamales
Chicken Tamales are not bad

There's another Melena's in Ballard. I've been there too. It's bigger but everything else seems just the same. I've had the chicken burrito there, which was good. And some other stuff, all good. Except for the veggie burrito, which was rather bland. Nothing that some Tapatío can't solve. Lucky that there's some on every table.

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[where: 620 W McGraw St, Seattle, WA 98119] [map]

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