Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twede's Cafe, North Bend

Twede's Cafe is famous for being the diner from Twin Peaks. The fact that it was gutted by fire and now looks completely different than it did in the show has little impact it's ability to attract fans. Though, it must be said, they ham it up a bit.

Twede's Cafe Home of Twin Peaks Cherry Pie
Home of Twin Peaks Cherry Pie

Lest you forget it's the twin peaks place once you get inside, all the wait staff wears tshirts that say "Twin Peaks something something" in big bold letters.

But I'm not here to talk about the roadside attractionism of the place. Ok, I am, but let's pretend it's about the food, at least. It won't be difficult; the food is worthy of conversation.

So, Twede's is a diner. A real, proper diner. The portions are massive. I wasn't that hungry during my visit, so I went for the two egg breakfast. "Oh, two eggs," I thought, "isn't a lot." Little did I know that they use a whole sack of potatoes for each order of hash browns.

Twede's Cafe two egg breakfast
The Two Egg Breakfast is not small

My breakfast companion also went for small. A half order of biscuits and gravy sounded just right. It went unfinished due to it's overwhelming volume. The flavor was reported as 'like home'.

Twede's Cafe half order of biscuits and gravy
Half an order of biscuits and gravy, and it still manages to make the
cutlery look like it's from a doll house

I usually stay away from sausage, gravy or otherwise, but for you and for science I tried some. It was good when doused with much salt.

Of course, as Twin Peaks fans we had to have some cherry pie, with ice cream, with a damn fine cup of coffee on the side. At this point we were stuffed stupid. Even with our desert stomachs we had trouble finishing it all.

Twede's Cafe A damn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie
A damn fine cup of coffee. It's where cherry pie goes to die.
[photo by rakka]

A note about the damn fine cups of coffee. Twede's is a diner, remember. This is diner coffee. If you come out to North Bend from Seattle there's a 90% chance you'll be a coffee snob. Just, you know, turn that off for a little while; you'll make it through.

Twede's Cafe A Damn Fin Cup of Coffee
Wait! A damn fin cup of coffee?

D'oh. A typo on the mugs! A damn fin cup of coffee doesn't sound quite right. Even after Josie Packard put a fish in the percolator. Looks like I'm not the first person to notice that.

Twede's Cafe Twin Peaks Sign
Did I mention that Twede's has some connection to Twin Peaks?
I think it does...

All silliness aside, it's a nice diner with good food at out of town prices (that means it's cheap). To top it off everybody is really nice. They don't mind if you're a tourist; they thrive on it. They don't even mind if you make art at the table. Stop in sometime.

Don't forget that Snoqualmie Falls is right up the road (you know, from the opening credits). Also, the big log.

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