Thursday, May 8, 2008

Phở & Bubble Tea Express

Phở is Phở; there aren't any huge surprises here. The hot and sour veggie adds some variety, with it's extra spice and pineapple chunks.

The perfect meal is a small phở and a Vietnamese sandwich. The thing about getting take out phở is all the packaging. Each one of these items came in it's own plastic bag. I try not to do this too much, because each time I do it feels like I'm punching the earth in the kidneys.

But the soup is gooood. Yum. But no hot sauce makes frowny emoticons float in front of my eyes.

Coworker got the pork vermicelli, which I though was weird. It's a phở place dude. Phở!

But he seemed to like it. I had to knock him down so I could get this picture while there was still some left.

The place is your typical hole in the wall phở place, stuck in what appears to be an old mexican deli. Or something, I don't know.

The thing I'll never understand is, what's the deal with the astro-turf stage counter?

There's tons of phở in Pioneer Square, and you're only a few blocks from the ID. I keep going back to this one for the sweet and sour veggie. It's good.

Pho Ha on Urbanspoon calls it Pho Ha.
[where: 90 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98127] [map]

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