Friday, May 16, 2008


Have I not talked about Ivar's? Bad food blogger! Ivar's is great summer food. The kind that feels like vacation. Probably because you're literally in a mob of tourists for the duration of the ordering and purchasing process.

It's just fish and chips. And clam chowder. And other kinds of fried fish.

Salmon and chips from Ivars
Salmon and chips

It's a little pricey. For bits of salmon (3 pictured, oops), chips, and a drink came to $12.50. This puts it outside the everyday lunch range maybe. But on a fantastic day like today, I'll make an exception.

Order of Salmon and chips from Ivars
Order of Salmon and chips

The one on the waterfront is right by the fire boats. The seagulls come and demand their tribute. I didn't get a great shot of a chip catch, but here's an expectant luncher.

Seagull catching chips at Ivars
Seagull catching chips

Some gulls scream at you for food. Jerks. This one asked nicely.

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[where: 1001 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98104] [map]


Chris said...

I should have gone with you guys, my pizza was terrible.

leff said...

Next time, man. Next time.