Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Noah's Bagels

The bagels are good at Noah's. The closest thing to a real bagel I've found in town. The service was friendly but not particularly on the ball. Instead of getting some fancy bagel sandwich we got some of the pre-made type. It seemed like the best way.

Noah's Bagel with Spinach and Swiss Cheese
Swiss cheese and spinach baked right on.
What will they think of next? (pizza bagels? really?)

Watching the staff while waiting in line made me a little nervous about ordering anything complicated. It seemed like it was taking them quite a lot of time to slap cheese and eggs on bagels. Judging from the comments on urbanspoon, I was right.

Noah's Bagels on Urbanspoon
[where: 220 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102] [map]


Anonymous said...

the bagel look yummy! but it's getting expensive these days... I wish they have some deals and post it to www.metroseeq.com

leff said...

I'm always a little afraid to use coupons. I've heard things like Passport coupons have a bad rep with restaurant people. I like to keep my food preparers happy.

The trick I use at noah's is to stay way from the fancy sandwiches and just get a bagel. Those two, plus a bottled soda was around 5 bucks. That's not too bad.