Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nielsen's Pastry

The pastries are great at Nielsen's, obviously. Somewhat surprisingly, the sandwiches are really good too. I usually get the tuna salad sandwich, because you have to get there really early for the chicken. I'm not a morning person. One day I'll have one, even if I have to stay up all night.

Anyway, down to the pictures. First up, my favorite pastry, the cheese and berry danish.

cheese and berry danish

The have all kinds of stuff, some of it depends on the season. Like this hot cross bun from Easter time.

hot cross bun

And here's the sandwich. Look at that bread. There sure is a lot of it.

tuna salad sandwich

Nielsen's is an unassuming little place, in the bottom of some crappy condo building. But that's no reason to not stop by. Just get there early.

Nielsen's exterior

[where: 520 2nd Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98119] [map]
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