Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tup Tim Thai

As a vegetarian I liked Thai food in general, but not Tup Tim Thai. Now that I'm off the wagon, Tup Tim Thai is fantastic. It's not that they don't have tofu, but you have to ask for it special. At least you used to... hmm, maybe the menu has changed. It's on there now, but they only have a token 9 vegetarian options. The meatier dishes are pretty much all good though.

Now, it's crunch time at work, so I'm just going to let today's pictures speak for themselves.

tod mun plah (fish cakes) at Tup Tim Thai
Tod Mun Plah (fish cakes)
fish, curry paste and green beans deep fried and served with HOT cucumber sauce

Yep, that was really good. slightly fishy, but not too fishy.

tom kah gai (soup) at Tup Tim Thai
Tom Kah gai
hot and sour soup with chicken, coconut milk, mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaf and chili paste

I like this soup a lot.

larb gai at Tup Tim Thai
Larb gai
chicken in spicy lime sauce, onions and lettuce

This was my first experience with larb gai. I was very happy with it. Especially after I figured out that you can use the lettuce to wrap up the other stuff.

Tup Tim Thai exterior

Ok. I lied. More words: The service is really good here, at least when they're not too crowded (and I never go places that are too crowded, not when I have a choice. Misanthrope, remember?). I haven't had a drink refilled so frequently since I was a boy visiting the Pham family. They, as asian politeness dictates, never letting the glass get empty; me, as western politeness dictates, trying to finish everything. It was like a battle fought over Slice. Anyway, TTT keeps your glass at least half full at all times. Don't fight it.

Tup Tim Thai on Urbanspoon
[where:118 W Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98119]

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