Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pike Place Chinese Cuisine

Pike Place market is crazy busy on weekends, and I hate crowds. It's a good thing Pike Place Chinese Cuisine is there to provide a refuge for the misanthropes. And also quite passable Chinese food. And pretty fantastic views. I mean, check this out. Nice right?

view from Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
That's a view that I enjoy, um, viewing

And it really is, often, much quieter than the surrounding market. Except when it's not. But when it is... Oh, when it is!

And the food's pretty good too. Seattle has very little Chinese food that even counts as decent, especially outside of the ID. I really like the hot and sour soup, so I'll show you a picture of that.

hot and sour soup at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
It's actually spicy!

I'm not going to tell you that PPCC is in any way authentic Chinese food. But it is authentic American-Chinese food. It's really it's own genre (but I'm not bothering with extra tags, so neagh).

chicken curry at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
Nothing says 'Chinese food' like 'curry'. err...

All the food has that great corn-starch thickness that one has come to expect from American-Chinese food. It's all a bunch of bits next to a pile of rice. But despite the surface similarities, everything really does have a distinct, tasty flavor.

garlic chicken at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
Garlic and chicken make a good combo

It's really small, and right downstairs from the fish place on the right (where the flowers and bric-a-brac starts, you know the place). They also have takeout, but I don't really know why you'd go and not look out the window.

take out window at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
Cool window, but I'd like a table.

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[where: 1533 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101]

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Christopher Young said...

I got delivery from them and it was excellent.