Saturday, December 13, 2008

chikindon (gyudon but with chicken) [adventures in japanese cooking]

Remember last month I got that 'Japanese cooking for Americans' book and then made some stuff from it. Yeah. That was great.

chikindon, gyudon but with chicken

No, seriously, it was. Which is why I'm fiddn ta keep it going. There's a recipe for gyudon, which looked pretty freaking fantastic. But I'm not down with Gyū (beef)*, so I adapted it for toriniku (chikin (chicken)). This was a complex process with many steps, they were:
  1. Replace beef with chicken
Hard, right? The rest of the thing was pretty easy too. Basically just some onions simmered in soy sauce and sake with a bit of ginger, sugar and garlic. I'm probably leaving something out, but it was easy.

The end result was sweet, winey deliciousness. I had mine with extra yum, in the form of a raw egg on top.

chikindon with egg
when in doubt, crack an egg on top

The only question now is: what's next?

* I know a 'no mammals' policy is weird. It's an arbitrary place to draw a line. All lines are arbitrary. so thhhbpht.

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