Sunday, November 2, 2008

uncommon esculents: alaskan crab legs

Being a Maryland boy, I grew up eating Chesapeake Blue Crab by the bushel. But as much as I love those, it's taken me three years in Seattle to get around to trying king crab. Today, that oversight has been rectified.

alaskan kin crab legs
The apple is for scale

Now, at twenty dollars a pound, these are decidedly uncommon esculents. But sometimes, well, sometimes you just have to drop 30 bucks on a single course. When they're on special at Larry's (metro market) seems like as good a time as any.

this is the biggest solid chunk of crab I've ever encountered

I'm starting to understand the appeal of these things. I've just had the one leg so far and I had to take a break. It's so much crab in there. It really is sweet too. The butter, on the other hand, was a bad move. It's over powering. Best to just let the crab speak for itself.

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santos. said...

i'm totally with you on the butter thing, it does overwhelm. sometimes a good butter-shoyu (soy sauce) glaze can work but that's tricky as well. best to leave well enough alone.