Tuesday, November 11, 2008

unicorn crêpes

What do I need to say about Unicorn Crêpes? It's French food writ Japanese street style. The shop is full of plastic examples of the delights contained within, and two tables. It's fantastic.

Unicorn Crepes

Of course, I go savory whenever possible. The spicy tuna, egg, lettuce and mayo contrasted nicely with the lightly sweet crêpe.

Spicy Tuna Crepe at Unicorn Crepes

Rakka, who is of course my exact opposite, goes for sweet at every opportunity. So UC is her type of place. Blueberry chocolate received her seal of approval.

chocolate blueberry crepe at Unicorn Crepes
a bit sweet?

I mentioned the plastic crêpes right? It's one of my favorite things.

plastic crepes at Unicorn Crepes
it looks so real!

I like it so much, I took a lot of pics.

holy crap that's a lot of plastic crepes plastic crepes more plastic crepes sign

It's not too far to get to for lunch. I think I'll do that... every day!

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