Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ah, Bakeman's. What can you say? A real, honest cafeteria, that's famous for it's turkey sandwich. And rightly so. In fact, I'm hard pressed to order anything else.

So, lets see what we've got here.

Bakeman's lunch
Now that's a lunch

A big old sammich, soup, and a pickle and a half. It was, what, $8.50 after tax. It's served with a "you better ask right or we'll let you know" sort of attitude. Which makes me nervous, and I always ask wrong. It's a, thing, I do.

mixed meat turkey sandwich at Bakeman's
Turkey Sandwich

But it's worth it. I mean, check that sammich. It's as good as it looks. I get it with mixed meat, that is half dark half white, but you have your choice.

So, what about the other stuff? Their food is of a certain quality. It seems manufactured, but on closer inspection I do believe they make everything themselves. The salad seems to come from a bag, but up close the carrots show themselves to be hand cut. The turkey soup seems like campbell's, but again, I'm 90% sure they make it themselves.

Bakeman's turkey noodle soup
my soup is turkey noodle

So, that's about it. Pure cafeteria food at it's best. The only thing I have left for you is a blurry blurry picture of the inside of my sandwich.

bakeman's turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce
oooh, cranberry sauce

Yes, that's cranberry sauce. It's twenty five cents extra. Entirely worth it. It's like a harvest festival in here.

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