Sunday, February 19, 2012

Onigiri at BibimBap [Joomuk-bap]

BibimBap is in the spot formerly occupied by Bento Kudasai. The place has changed owners, names etc. several times in the past year or two. I used to be called Grab N Bowl, which I never went to because it was called Grab N Bowl. BibimBap is apparently new enough that nobody has interneted it yet. I'm not going to be the one. At least not today.

Anyway, I thought I'd stop in for a light breakfast. Onigiri breakfast.

spicy tuna, fried anchovy, crab meat

Yes, that's an anchovy's head. Fried Anchovy joomuk-bap.

crab meat joomuk-bap

spicy tuna joomuk-bap

This being a Korean place, I think it's probably more properly called joomukbob or joomuk-bap. And, indeed, these are not the triangles of rice with stuff in the middle that I was expecting.

Not that I'm complaining. These things were good.

Well, the crab and the spicy tuna were fantastic. The fried anchovy was just a bit much.

Because it was a giant ball of fried anchovies.

A. Giant. ball of fried anchovies.

Heads and all. Now, I like weird preserved fish things as much as the next man. But no. Don't think I'm having it again.

Other stuff, yeah. I'll go back for the other stuff.


santos. said...

that is a LOT of anchovy. i wonder what could temper that, besides beer.

Jason Brackins said...

I didn't even post the picture of the "pure anchovy" section. It was... intense.

Jason Brackins said...

Ok, here it is. pure anchovy section up at the top.

santos. said...

were they chewy? that's like, a whole school o' fish there.

Jason Brackins said...

The way they were fried... I wouldn't call it chewy exactly. Maybe 'al dente.' Or 'tough.'

Minx said...

I WANT THIS. NOW. you get for me.