Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate Orange Toasty

The best thing ever

cali style sweet orange marmalade
ooooh yeah [smashes through wall]

Oh, Leffy done did it again.

Culinary history is happening right here. right now.

Your classic PB&J has many variations, but they all fall in to the larger "nut butter and sweet fruit preserves sandwich" category. So does this. It is the OM&N, the Orange Marmalade and Nutella sandwich.

It is made, as you can see, from California Style Sweet Orange marmalade, Nutella, and white toast. It goes together like a standard PB&J on toast. And it is the best thing ever.

I'm not even joking. It is literally and objectively the best thing ever to happen in the history of the universe. It even surpasses the Raspberry Jam and Nutella sandwich (not an easy feat).

You're welcome.


santos. said...

nooooo! i kinda hate nutella. you cannot tell me it makes the best sarnie for i will be sad.

can i just melt some chocolate and disregard the hazelnut aspect or should i look for another chocolate nut spread? or perhaps chocolate peanut orange would just be gross.

Jason Brackins said...

Ok. Between your dislike of nutella, and other people's tree nut allergies, it is clear that I have to refine this recipe even further.

The OM&N will become the 2nd best thing ever. It may take time. It may take extensive testing. But hear this, I will develop the one chocolate orange sandwich to rule them all!

Minx said...

NUTELLA IS THE SHIT, YO. i wish i had some right now.

santos. said...

tastes like weird hazelnut frosting to me. surely that can't be right

Jason Brackins said...

It is totally right!

santos. said...

nooooooo frosting on toast? nooooooo

Jason Brackins said...

It's like frosting. But it's not. It has nuts in it. Nuts are healthy!

santos. said...

also, i have a problem with the texture, which is like canned frosting, with a slick of lubricant that somehow, when spread on hot toast, congeals to an almost noxzema-like consistency.

i might like hazelnuts better if people started calling them filberts again.

Jason Brackins said...

The texture is bad unless you eat it when it's still molten. That's key. Hot toast melts it. You have to eat it right then.

santos. said...

okay i procured enough nutella to spread over one slice of bread, plus i always have marmalade (today's was dundee). brown bread. made 'til molten.

it was okay.


Jason Brackins said...

I tried to make some chocolate almond butter from scratch to replace the nutella. Didn't work. It was nasty.

Back to the drawingboard.

People have suggested chocolate bread. Which, yes, chocolate bread with orange marm sounds nice and I'll make it one day.

But it's not a pb&j replacement if you have to make your own bread.