Monday, March 5, 2007


zeeks pizza crust
Bubbly crust. Mmmm.

Zeek's Pizza on Urbanspoon

zeeks caesar salad
Half a large caesar salad.
One large is perfect for two people.

zeeks pizza with a slice missing
A slice missing? Who did that?
I haven't even taken the picture yet!
Seattle's not very good for delivery. There might be a thai place that will maybe deliver, but for the most part it's pizza.

Luckily there's Zeeks, which is local and good. My favorite part is the ordering online. There's nothing like looking over the menu, saying "hmm. I want that." and having it show up at your door half an hour later.

They sometimes call and let you know that they got the order and it'll be about 45 minutes. That's a good sign that it'll be there in a half hour. If they don't call, count on it being more like an hour.

I suppose I should mention the food. It's good pizza. It walks the line between being healthy and being greasy cheese death. This is obviously somewhat under your control, and depends on what you order, but by default there is just enough cheese. I appreciate that very much. It's rare that the two conflicting furies get to be appeased at the same time. Yes, I do possess a 'greasy cheese death fury'. She's hard to control sometimes.

My 'heath fury', I call her Panacaera, is placated also by the big salad that often arrives atop the big cardboard box.

Now, I'm talking about the delivery, so I don't have to mention actual restaurant at all if I don't want. But I do go there sometimes (the Queen Anne/Uptown one). Somewhat like the pizza itself it walks the line between greasy pizza joint and nice restaurant. I don't know if it's just the dark wood outside, or the raised booth platform or what, but there's an odd undertone of formality there. But that could all just be in my head. You go try it and report back.

Oh, just one more thing. Zeeks is not quite as cheap as most of the other places I'll be talking about on here. Salad and pizza, which is a lot of food for two, usually ends up being about $30 before tip. It's worth it though. I'd much rather throw down $30 for one zeeks than do one of these 17 pizzas for a nickel deals that the chains run. bleh.

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