Thursday, March 22, 2007

kao soy at thaiku

Kao Soy, yellow curry soup, from Thaiku is my favorite meal in town. It's so coconut milky, noodly, pickled mustard greeny, and yellow. Oh, and it comes with special hot peppers, which are smoky.

kao soy, very yellow curry

I love the pickled mustard greens especially. They're just pickly enough, and they go with the curry very well. I think Thaiku does something special to them; the ones you can get at Uwajimaya are not the same. I was disappointed.

Thaiku on Urbanspoon

I'm usually at Thaiku for lunch on a weekday. It's nice and laid back then. If you go at 8pm on a Friday night you'll be standing at the bar for an hour before you get a table. The decor is kind of silly. It's just a bunch of random Thai imports jammed in to corners, and there's a little divider wall made out of the stuff (pictured below).

made fancy with brik-a-brak

I'm the type of person that tries to order something different every time I go back to a place. I *heart* variety. So it's saying a lot that I can't stop talking about the kao soy. I can't stop ordering it either. It's only during Thaiku-once-a-week phases that I can bring myself to order anything else. It's kind of sad really, because everything else is really good too.

gotta love a restaurant where all the condiments are spices

I have to say, as good as it was this last time, there was less of it. It wasn't just because I was extra hungry or something; my coworker who ordered the same thing (yes, my enthusiasm is catching) mentioned it too. Ballard prices seem to be going up recently. Maybe this is their way of keeping it under ten dollars.

I love the tofu, but there's chicken too

Ok. I have to finish this post right now. I keep looking at these pictures and it's making me ravenous... I must... resist... out of sight... out of...
*chair scooching sound*
*sounds of running*

*door slams*
*car tires screech off towards Ballard*

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