Monday, March 12, 2007

inda bistro for lunch

There's a rule that Indian restaurants have to have lunch buffets in the all you can eat style. India Bistro is no exception.

that's some tasty looking curry
a landscape in curry

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When you consider the food at an all you can eat buffet, you have to compare it to other quantity agnostic meal deals. It would not be fair otherwise. This is my long winded way of saying that I've had better Indian food, but not at a buffet. The quality is surprisingly high considering the sub $8 price tag for a bottomless plate of curry.

oh! chickpea salad!
There's not a ton of variety at lunch. Rice, three vegetable dishes, the standard red chicken, the lamb vindaloo, and Naan, of course. There are a bunch of salads though. A chickpea one, a simple lettuce one with a cool yogurt dressing, and two or three varieties of cucumber salad. I love salad, so this makes me happy.

more curry!
There was one vegetable dish that knocked my socks off. It was very saucy and it had some sort of dumplings, or something. I swore I would write the name down, but I've got a mind like a sieve. I did get a picture, it's the stuff in the left foreground above.

just one of several cucumber salads

The place is usually close to full at lunch time. On our last visit they seemed to get behind on the dishes and ran out of bowls. My lunch companions insisted we wait for some; this is the draw of the rice pudding. I've never really gotten the hang of the stuff my self, but I think we can take their actions as an endorsement.

To add to the general cacophony of voices during the lunch rush they play Indian dance music at high volume. It's kind of fun. I'm including this video; if you listen hard enough you can get your groove on.


Brian W. said...

was the dish with dumplings in sauce molai kofta? that's my favorite...

love the food blog. looks great!

kitchenknife aka brian

leff said...

Molai Kofta... Sounds familiar. It was certainly fantastic!

Thanks! btw. I'll keep it up :)