Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Is Vera's a diner for breakfast lovers, or a breakfast place for diner lovers? I'm never sure. If you love both, like I do, it doesn't really matter.

ooh, what a sign!

For those who view breakfast as a step towards cardiac arrest, Vera's is the place. If your order isn't engulfed in cheese it's probably drenched in hollandaise sauce. This is the type of good thing that it's really easy to get too much of. But when you need it, you need it.

you can tell these are huevos rancheros
by the tiny bit of tortilla visible in the lower right
(if you know what you're looking for)

My favorite thing is the Veggie Benedict. It's the normal Eggs Benedict, but with portobello mushrooms in place of ham. They have the ham kind too, of course. It's easy to be vegetarian here, but it's really easy to not be. Vegans will have a bit of a problem; and by that I mean they will eat toast, which they will have to special order with no butter. Sorry guys, dems da breaks.

My other favorites are the artichoke omelet and the huevos rancheros. I've had good reports on the diner type sandwiches, like the turkey and the... what's the one with corned beef and chicken? I've had bad reports about the dinners. A friend got the lemon chicken one time and it was pretty much just some chicken on a plate. Not bad chicken, but next to the breakfasts... what can you say?

the essential lunch counter

There aren't a lot of "proper" diners in Seattle. While Vera's doesn't have the full on New Jersey Diner exterior, the interior is perfect, and it does have the sign. It's definitely the most dinery diner I've found in town. So dinery, in fact, that it's cash only! I put that in bold because it's so uncommon these days. Especially for a restaurant that can be described as "in the heart of" something (Ballard, in this case).

As much as I love it, the food is too rich to eat every day. So maybe it's a good thing that prices walk the line between $ and $$. The quality and quantity totally justify it, but my cardiovascular system thanks Vera's none the less.

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