Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baking Bread

homemade toast
I enjoy making bread. It's a nice project for a cold day, and it's not really as complicated as all that when you have a good recipe. I tend to go for over complicated stuff, but this weekend I kept it simple. I chose a recipe has just four ingredients, yeast, water, salt and flour. It makes fantastically dense and yeasty bread.
collecting the stuff
I'm not going to actually give you the recipe, unless you ask. If you're in to it, you should get a book about baking. I have the book of bread, which is pretty good, but whatever.

I will show a lot of pictures though. Here we see the yeast going creamy.
Salt and a bunch of flour go in.
It gets mixed up, and stuck on the counter.
work surface
needing kneeding
Kneeding takes about ten minutes later. I don't have a machine or anything. Just good, old fashioned hands. Once it's nice and elastic, and all the gluten is activated, it rises for a couple hours. The stovetop has a warming pad, which sped up the rise.

mr dough, you're kneeded
he is risen
he is beaten down
After splitting the dough in half and putting it in pans, it rises another hour. Then, finally, actual baking.
he was panned
he rose again
Then cooling. Then slicing. Then eating.
Eating eating eating. Yum yum yum. This bread is fantastic with butter. It makes a pretty good sandwich too. I could see myself eating this stuff as my primary bread. I'll be making it again.

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