Sunday, January 4, 2009

Genki Sushi

LQA has its fourth sushi place, and its second conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi) place. It's Genki Sushi, and it's pretty good.

We were the only ones in the place during our visit, which was at some random time, early Saturday afternoon or something, so that sort of made sense. It meant that we had plenty of service.

Genki Sushi
Entrance (upstairs, next to office max)

The location is a little weird. You enter through the lobby of the new QFC, and it's right across from the office max. But once you get inside it's fairly fancy. There are tables and a bar, if you like.

Conveyor Belt at Genki Sushi
The Conveyor

But we sat at the conveyor belt, where we were given the pricing chart. As you probably know, each plate color is a different price, so you know by looking how much each thing is. Traditionally, the plates are one solid color. At Genki, they have different designs. There are six.

Most everything I tried was tasty. Some of it was seasoned a bit more strongly than I'm used to with sushi, but that's not a complaint. The inari (fried tofu pouches with fillings) was particularly good; a bit spicy. Also, this fishy nigiri (it was slightly cooked, I think) was super yummy.

Fishy Nigiri Sushi at Genki Sushi
Fishy Nigiri

I don't even know what it was, which is part of the fun. If it looks good, try it. You can get much more variety this way then you would at a regular place.

fish heads by rakka
Fish Heads at the entrance (by rakka)

In addition to sushi, the conveyor belt brought us fried chicken bits, edamame, and one of those glass bead drinks. All of which was fun and exciting. I'm looking forward to going back.


Joseph Peter said...

ah, good. i never have to go back to sushiland again.

leff said...

Yeah, I've never heard anything good about sushiland. To the point where I've never even been.

santos. said...

is this a part of the genki chain from asia land? if there's a frowny boy as a logo it is. the ones in hawaii are pretty great but i've had mixed success elsewhere.

was the fishy nigiri fishy tasting or just fishy fishlike? it looks like hamachi/amberjack/yellowtail, one of my favourites. sort of buttery and fatty but not oily. if you ever get to try it again, try it with a little salt instead of soy sauce, and maybe a little hot pepper or fresh jalapeño. mmmmm.

leff said...

According to yelp it is, but I don't think so. There's nary a frowny boy to be seen.

The fishy nigiri was buttery and fatty but not oily, and it certainly wasn't fishy tasing in any nasty way, though you could tell it was from the sea. It probably was hamachi. I will get it again, and I will try it with other toppings. That sounds good.

Anonymous said...

the fishy nigiri you guys are talking about is called " garlic salmon" salmon seared with garlic mayo on the top.

leff said...

Sweet, thanks theperfektverse, now I know what to ask for.

Btw, santos, I've seen several reviews that say this is the same Genki. But if it is, they've rebranded for the US market.