Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eamonn's, a dublin chipper

The subtitle works to convey intent, but otherwise is stupid. Luckily the food at Eamonn's is good enough to make up for it. Just so we're clear, it's fish and chips, yeah? And mushy peas, which I totally forgot to order, damn. Well, it's mostly about the fried anyway. I'm not going back anytime soon; I was only there as part of the big inauguration trip.

There were four of us, which gave us a chance to try three things. Yes, Rakka and I both went traditional and got the cod. I figure when they emblazon "thanks be to cod" on the door, they're pretty serious about it. But my mom had the grouper, and my sister tried the chicken nuggets, having had fish for lunch that day.

For science, and for you, I nicked some of everybody's food. It was all very, how shall I put it, um, fried. But that's what you're there for, innit? The cod was my favorite, but it was all good.

Cod at Eammon's

So were the chips. They were ever so slightly battered. I don't know if that's Dublin style or just an Eamonn's thing. It was good though. And a lot; between the four of us we couldn't finish two large chips. And I was there, so that's saying something.

Cod and Grouper at Eammon's
Cod and Grouper
(blurry pic courtesy of the no flash brigade)

The sauces are worth noting. In addition to traditional malt vinegar there is a selection of mayo based, flavored sauces. I chose the Chesapeake, because being a Maryland expat I must consume Old Bay whenever possible. My dining companions got the hot chili sauce, which I also liked. I should have gotten all Seattle and gotten some tartar just for my chips.

Chesapeake Sauce at Eammon's
Chesapeake Sauce

People on yelp complain about the price and the portions, and you do only get one chunk of fish. But more food than four people can eat, for 40 bucks, is not something I'm willing to complain about. I may not be back soon, but only because I'm 3000 miles away. Thanks to Chris Glew for the recommendation!

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Chris said...

I'm glad you made to Eamonn's and that you liked it! I used to hit that place every time I passed through Old Town. Living in DC, I was never a big fan of heading into NoVA, but Eamonn's always made those excursions better.