Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Howdy, yall. I'm here to tell you that I haven't forgotten you, despite appearances. Also, forsaking has not been happening. I've been sick, Rakka's been sick, we haven't been going out. etceteras etceteras. Ok. Excuses out of the way? Right, let's get started talking about...

Zaina has hookahs all over the place for the night time festivities, but at lunch time it's just a bunch of working schlubs, and me (who is working but awesome).

Chicken Shawarma at Zaina
Oooh, that looks good

The food is good, in that lunch timey kind of way. I thought the sandwich would be a little bigger though. At ~$7 you'd think it would be somewhat filling, even in this era of rising food prices. It wasn't. I hadn't breakfasted, so I ended up having most of another lunch after.

Chicken Shawarma at ZainaZaina Coming Soon
Zaina ExteriorLamb Kabob Plate at Zaina

trying something a little different with the pics, hovering should work

The plate is apparently the way to go. The one member of the party who got a plate, who professed himself to be starving btw, was unable to finish it. They're up in the $11 range though. Stupid inflation.

So, looking back, this isn't a glowing review. But it's not to say it's a bad one, right? It's a nice place. I'd go again.

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