Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ballard Brothers

Strange in a good way, Ballard Brothers' claim to fame is the Cajun Blackened Salmon Sandwich. I think the storefront is pretty new. It used to be a skippers or something. But the brothers have been making inexpensive seafood and burgers for years though; at carnivals and stuff.

Closeup of a Cajun Salmon Sandwich
black on pink, it's cajun salmon!

Cajun Salmon Sandwich
Receipt says 'Voted best festival food 17 years runnin'
They do a pretty good job. I liked my sandwich. My companion liked his cod and chips, which were panko breaded for a little bit of extra fancy.

I thought the chips, or fries depending on what section of the menu you order from, were almost too crispy. They were almost impervious to the malt vinegar that I drenched them with.

Overall I'm happy with it. It's fast food, for sure, but it's also very local and a little bit different. Also it's highly affordable. There's nothing on the menu higher than $9, and adding a drink to most things will still keep you under $10 total.

So I'll be goinging back. The Hawaiian Salmon Sandwich sounds pretty tasty.

Ballard Brothers in Seattle


John said...

I am reading your gustatory exploits from Virginia, but think I shall have to pay Seattle a visit, there seems much good food there!

leff said...

If you think this looks good you should see all the fancy places (there are plenty of other blogs that talk about them).

There's plenty to do here other than just food, too. Definitely worth the visit.