Friday, September 7, 2007

La Isla

What's better than tasty Empanadas with beans and rice for six dollars? How about all that with rum drinks at happy hour prices? (The trick is to get there right before 3pm, order lunch, wait, order drinks. It's a win-win situation, with both wins to you!)

empanads at La Isla
Sorry about the crappy photo, I wasn't prepared.

I have to admit, I'm excited about Ballard's La Isla Puerto Rican restaurant. I'd never been because I had reports of mediocrity and not-greatness. I should know better. While I'm sure my friend's Puerto Rican Grandmother could cook circles around this place, I didn't grow up with it. So I can appreciate La Isla for what it is: scrumptious lunch that's pretty filling, relatively healthy, and six dollars.

Definitely worth a visit, unless you have a Puerto Rican Grandmother. Remember to go just before 3pm.

La Isla in Seattle

P.S. They compost their food scraps and cardboard? *swoons*

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