Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Crab Pot [downtown]

It's seafood that comes with a bib. Yes, the Crab Pot the type of place where dinner comes with handy wipes. It's fun, in a touristy kind of way. Not surprising, seeing as it's across the isle from the Pirate Store.

Photo by Rakka

Fresh Neon Crab The evening was bathed in the light of electrified noble gases.

When you order one of the "Seafeasts for two or more" they give you little forks, big mallets, and the aforementioned bib.

Photo by Rakka

Little Forks and a mallet are your only utensils.

Then they bring out a big huge bowl of seafood and dump it on the table.

Vid by Rakka

Dumping Seafood Seafood is dumped on to the table.

It is quite a big pile of food. There are potatoes, corn, and for some reason, sausage bits mixed in.

Photo by Me

The bounty of the sea, in a pile It's a lot of stuff for two people.

The seafood itself isn't really the best. What you're really going for is the experience, and the quantity. We were a little sad that there was barely any crab in that big pile of stuff. Maybe it's the Maryland Boy in me, but when I'm presented with a pile of seafood on a table I want it to be all crabs. Maybe next time I'll get the Crab & Crab combo (wonder if I can get extra crab with that).

Oh, I should mention, it is possible to visit the CP for one dollar sign. But you won't be getting a pile of anything poured on your table. And you won't be getting a bib. You'll be getting fish and chips or a sandwich.

Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar in Seattle

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