Sunday, November 1, 2009

food drops

drop candy!
Originally uploaded by Rakka
Rakka got a whole pile of food drops in the mail (from Chotda). I took part in the great food drop taste test. I'll summarize, but you should follow that link for the in depth review.

Right. So, food drops are sugar candies that come in flavors of regional Japanese foods. We're talking beer, octopus balls, udon... you get the idea. We tried 8 kinds. How was it? The short answer is: most of these foods were not meant to be sweet; not, at, all.


santos. said...

ahaaahaaaaaaa. i actually forgot to mention that they were also in part a birthday present to you (in particular the alcohol-flavoured ones). there were a disturbing number of drops that were beef and pork flavoured, you should be so lucky that you didn't end up with those! :)

leff said...

AAAAhhhh! Well, thank you! Thank you thank you. Especially for laying off the beef and pork.

The saki one was one of my top two faves, I'm glad I can claim it now. muhahahahah.

Lara said...

your blog rules. Consider yourself ROLLED.