Sunday, September 6, 2009

damson gin

As I mentioned over on casa rakkaleff, we have this damson plum tree in our back yard. The plums aren't really hand fruit, but they're good for canning and stuff. As soon as we figured it out, I ordered a bunch of canning stuff (which I wanted anyway). Everything got here quick, with the minor exception of the actual feckin' jars. So the jam is on hold.

The le parfait jars did make it here, and so did a couple of fifths of gin. And that's all we need for damson gin. Rakka found this recipe on cottage smallholder. It's super simple, and we both love gin, so we thought we'd give it a go.

Damson Gin
Damson Gin

We don't have a kitchen scale (yet), so I had to estimate how many plums in a pound. I thought about rigging up a stick with a can of beans on one end and a bowl of plums on the other and yadda yadda yadda. Sounded like work though. And really, we're talking about gin that will be more or less plummy depending, right? Should be fine.

'Course, we won't know if I screwed it up for three months. Assuming I didn't, it's important that you get your name on the casa rakkaleff new years party guest list. The gin should be about ready then, and seats are limited. natch.


Cottage Smallholder said...

Thanks so much for the link.

The amount of plums that you've used looks about right to me!

santos. said...

where did you order your jars from? i want weck but it's like, mail order only which is a little too old school for me to get my act together.

leff said...

@Cottage Smallholder: Thanks for the feedback. I'll rest easier knowing that I'm on the right track. And thanks for the recipe!

@santos: I got them off of amazon. These particular jars were from a marketplace (3rd party) seller. They don't seem to have much (any) weck stuff around though, sorry to say...

Oh, I just looked at weck's site. "click to download order form", which is a word doc and not even a pdf. Wow, ouch. I hope they're working on version 2.

Crystal said...

Santos- You can get (a limited selection) of Weck on Heath Ceramics online store.