Monday, April 9, 2007

oh, what a perfect day [Lockspot Cafe]

it's soooo saturated

Yes, the perfect day is lunch from the Lockspot, at the locks, in the sun. I don't think it gets better. Life peaked at lunch last Friday; it's all down hill from here.

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You might think that I'm exaggerating. Annnd, you'd be right. But it was the high point of the week. Seriously. Lunch, outside with flowers and boats? Seriously. High point. Seriously. Especially since Friday was one of the first days that really felt like spring.

simple, to the point, sponsored by snapple

Lunches at the Spot Stand are basic. Fried fish. Fried potatoes. Malt vinegar or ketchup in individual packets. One plastic condiment cup full of tartar sauce. It's on the cheap end* of Seattle food. Since it's a bit of a dive, that's all right and proper.

It hits the spot. The Lockspot!

It's not what I'd call healthy food. It's deep fried everything. As much as you might want to, you probably shouldn't go every day. So don't move in to those apartments across the street, because you will go every day!

and the sammich form

Oh, wait. It can be healthy. The sandwich comes with lettuce, maters and onion. That totally negates the deep friedness of everything else. In fact it makes the fries burn calories. That's 100% fact. Also, I have some ocean front property in South Dakota. I'll sell it to you for a song.

hey guys, is that my lunch you got on that boat?

I suppose I should mention that there is a dining room too. And you can go sit in your silly low backed western bar chair, under the shade of a carven wooden seaman and eat the same food you get at the stand. You'll look out across 54th street at the Taco Time and it will feel like vacation. But it won't feel as much like vacation as taking your fish out to the locks and watching the fishermen bring your next meal home.

*Anything under ten bucks counts as cheap in this town. Unless you consider taco bell. Which I don't.

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