Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homemade Tortillas

Yay, Tortillas!

My first attempt at making Tortillas was basically successful! My first attempt at preserving my first tortillas for more than 5 minutes was less so. Lesson Learned: tortilla warming solution is not optional.

Anyway, let's make some tortillas. It's just flour, baking soda, salt, vegetable shortening and water.

everything but the water

I don't have a tortilla press, but I do have a rolling pin. Turns out rolling pins are sufficient for flattening dough. Who knew‽ 

Ready to Roll

I might have made these just a tad too thin.


They did puff up as expected though, so maybe not too thin.


And here we come to the finale. The reason d'tortillas, so to speak. I did all this work because I wanted bean burritos out of a can.

Bean Burritos out of a can
I am truly living the dream!


santos. said...

my spanish teacher taught us how to make her version of tortillas, which was just flour, water and lard. works insanely well. i would add salt, but i guess it all depends on what your serve with them.

Jason Brackins said...

Even simpler! I want to try that. Is there any trick to it?

santos. said...

i don't honestly remember the proportions, but it was something like 4:2:1 flour:water:lard. i've done it where i've cut the lard into the flour (and salt) first so it's crumbly, then add enough water to make it into a smooth dough, and also where i've melted the lard into the water then mixed it into a dough. the water is always warm. the latter method uses more flour. and you let the dough rest for 10-15 minutes before making them into tortillas. i've used shortening as well.

i have to say, they taste different than the store bought ones. you can really tell there's lard/shortening in it, which is why i think i like them--they remind me of chinese pancakes somehow.