Monday, February 1, 2010

the dominos challenge

Yes yes, by now you've all heard about the "new dominos" turnaround with the real people and the endearing honesty. It's all very exciting. There's the pizza configurator*, the progress bar, and oh yeah, they changed the formula. So is this new coke, nacho cheesier doritos, or a toasted subway sub?

The big question is, should we compare New D to Old D, or new D to Other Pizza? New Dominos v Old Dominos is a pretty easy challenge. It's like shooting pizzas in a barrel. And, not surprisingly, New D wins. Compared to Pizza Hut or mall pizza it does pretty well. But we're still in the range of pizza I'd never eat.

On the other hand, New D v Any Other Pizza You Might Actually Enjoy Eating is not such a cert. In fact, it's an obvious failure. Still crap. I don't even know why I spent so many words on this build up. It's sommat like 6 bucks for a large pizza. How can that every be good?

*Is this just a Lucent term, or do people know this?


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