Sunday, January 13, 2008

Piroshky Piroshky

Don't hate it because it's popular. You should love Piroshky Piroshky, because it's tasty. Albeit in a greasy sort of way.

Oh, and you're in Seattle, right. So you should try the salmon pate one. Which incidentally is shaped like a salmon.

Smoked Salmon Pate @ Piroshky Piroshky

Smoked Salmon Pate Looks like a Salmon, tastes like a Salmon, which is good.

Of course, they have all kinds of stuff. Sweet, meaty savory, and vegetarian savory. Check the menu.

Ready for the oven @ Piroshky Piroshky

Ready for the Oven Those are gonna be good.

Photo by Rakka

It's down at the market, so watch out for tourists. Actually, now (January) is a great time to go. The line is only about 5 or 10 people.

Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle


jonathan said...

Oh man, I think I was just there last week. Such a perfect grab-and-go food for wintertime.

leff said...

Oh, and you can pretty much walk there for lunch now. I'm jealous...