Sunday, February 25, 2007

yet another food blog

com·mon adj. Widespread; prevalent.
es'cu·lent n. Suitable for eating; edible.

I had a neighbor once. Nice as anybody; dumb as a sack of doorknobs. He had wisdom though. One day, as I passed him on my way out he said to me "Food tastes good, don't it?" As strange thing to say, but true. He went on to mention french fries and coca-cola as proofs of his theory. And you know what? That's true too.

I like food. To the point where I eat some every day. But I haven't made my internet millions yet; the restaurants I visit typically have just one dollar sign by their name. If you see two it means it was somebody's birthday. Luckily, Seattle has a lot of goodness in a single $. So go grab a tenner; we'll get something great.


josephpeter said...

great idea leff!

leff said...

Thanks! I just hope I can keep up the energy.